4 Share room

4 share room at Rosie's Backpacker and Homestay

The four bed dorm here at Rosie’s has been strategically put, near both the hall entrance and the bathrooms, for all travelers, but mostly for those who are leaving early in the mornings for treks, tramps, and tours; as to not disturb other guests.

There are two single beds, and one set of bunk beds that make up this nice and tidy room.

The bedside shelves between the bunk bed and one of the singles, holds extra blankets for the room, if you require any extra warmth, and if a blanket is not enough, all you need to do is cross the hall and get a hot water bottle from the bathroom.

The door that leads to the garden provides light, air, and the intoxicating smell of the fresh green grass. It also provides a nice step on which you can sit and write in your travel log, weather permitting.

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Beds: 2 x single, 1 x 2 bed bunk
  • Price: $ 37  per person  ($ 32 for BBH members).