Facilities - bathrooms

Second bathroom at Rosie's Backpackers

Rosie’s boasts two bathrooms; a main bathroom at the entrance to the hallway, and the second bathroom near the other end of the hallway.

Main bathroom

The main bathroom here at Rosie's is wheelchair accessible.
It has a toilet with support handles embedded into the wall; the shower is level with the floor and has handles for easy access.

The bathroom shelves have various tonics left over from previous travelers; and also hold hot water bottles for your convenience.

Second bathroom

The second bathroom is in fact two rooms; a toilet with a hand basin outside, and a stand-in shower with a sink and big mirror in the other room.
These bathrooms are especially built for tall people who would like to have a shower hose set higher than normal, as it has been our experience that lots of people enjoy this setting, but the shower heads are not fixed on the one setting, they are on a sliding fixture suitable for all heights.